Agents of Mayhem Day One Edition (Xbox One)

299.00 EGP

Original Barcode : 4020628825867


The newest game from Volition, the studio responsible for Saints Row! Johnny Gat will be the 13th Agent of Mayhem. Featuring his unlock mission, his personal mission, vehicle and character and weapon skins, and the unmistakable voice of Daniel Dae Kim, that’s a whole lot of Johnny.

“Day One Edition includes the ‘Legal Action Pending DLC: Franchise Force & Carnage a Trois”
Take the fight to LEGION in Seoul: The City of Tomorrow, an open world brimming with world-shaking missions, city-spanning doomsday devices, and evil underground lairs!

Take your team of three Agents into the field and swap between them on the fly for maximum mayhem!
Upgrade and customize your Agents to create your personal dream team of gadget-wielding anti-heroes!

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