DMC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition – PlayStation 4

550.00 EGP

Original Barcode : 5055060930670


Experience the endlessly deep fast-paced combat and high quality production values of DmC running at a smooth 60fps with 1080p support across both next-gen consoles

Enjoy all of the stylish action gameplay from the original game all previously released DLC including Vergil’s Downfall plus brand new modes and content all in one polished package
Throw down the gauntlet as Dante’s twin brother Vergil against 60 waves of enemies in a challenging new Bloody Palace Mode

The combat system and enemies have been rebalanced based on fan feedback with gameplay tuning and adjustments made including optional manual lock-on for classic Devil May Cry fans
Brand new gameplay modes for the hardcore DmC players include Hardcore Mode Must Style Mode and Gods Must Die Mode

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